1a Atherton Road, Oakleigh, 3166

That was the term that was

Thank-you to all Monash residents!

With everything that is happening around us at the moment, it seems bizarre that I’m in the midst of an election campaign; it’s honestly the furthest thing from my mind.

It’s easy to get stuck in the moment and neglect to go back and reflect on what you’ve done and achieved. Recently I’ve been looking through all of my photos from the last four years as a Councillor and it’s brought back some amazing memories.

Regardless of what happens at the upcoming election, I will be forever grateful to the residents of the City of Monash (specifically Oakleigh Ward) for giving me the absolute honour of being their local representative for the past four years. The past year as your mayor has been exceptionally challenging given what’s come our way, but I am extremely proud to have lead this city through the most challenging time in it’s history.

This term on council has been a truly life changing experience and one that I will cherish until the day I die. My wife and three girls have also thoroughly enjoyed being exposed to community life and loved getting to know so many of you.

Come with me for a trip down memory lane. You might even see some people, community groups or local businesses that you recognise.

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