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That was the term that was

Thank-you to all Monash residents! With everything that is happening around us at the moment, it seems bizarre that I’m in the midst of an election campaign; it’s honestly the furthest thing from my mind. It’s easy to get stuck in the moment and neglect to go back and reflect […]

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Job done!

I recorded this video on the eve of the latest lockdown but decided to hold off posting it we were through it. Given what’s happening lately, that appears to be some time away so I’ve decided to post today. This was a huge moment for me – check out why […]

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Live Streaming Begins

I am absolutely stoked to advise that following support from the majority of Councillors at the January Council meeting for my amendment to introduce live streaming of our meetings, the technology was installed and made available earlier than initially planned. This is a fantastic step forward in opening up Council […]

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Merry Christmas to everyone, but remember….

If this video doesn’t touch you, nothing will. Remember that while we celebrate in a country that allows us to be free, many will spend this Christmas in pain because of decisions in which they played no part. It’s amazing to think Lennon’s vision is now 44 years old – […]

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Elected Deputy Mayor

I am extremely humbled and honoured to have been elected as Deputy Mayor of Monash by my fellow Councillors, alongside Cr Rebecca Paterson as Mayor. Cr Patterson has an exceptional track record of community service with unrivaled passion for the job; exciting times ahead. It has been a whirlwind week; […]

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Election Results

I am proud to announce that the Monash Council Election Results have been announced and I have been elected. I feel very proud and honoured to be endorsed by voters to represent their vision for a better Monash. A big thank you to my wife, daughters, family and supporters for […]

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