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Public transport solutions face a fork in the road

As printed in the Herald Sun – 21st May, 2020 Melbourne’s population is growing exponentially. The lack of proper transport planning over the past few decades is evidenced by an avalanche of congestion on our roads. The State Government has funded a myriad of infrastructure projects aimed at reducing congestion […]

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Radio Interview with Raf Epstein

In the lead-up to the 2019 Federal Election, I was invited by Raf Epstein in my capacity as chair of the Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC) to discuss Transport issues in the seat of Deakin (covering Ringwood and the surrounding suburbs). As you would expect, our discussion branched out in to […]

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Rowville Rail – Followup

A lot has happened since my article on Rowville Rail appeared in The Age in late May, which followed the announcement by the Andrews State Government to build a Tram line to Monash University. • Monash Council, Knox Council and the Eastern Transport Coalition have all passed motions in support […]

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Rowville Tram? Rowville Train? Think bigger!

As printed in The Age, 27th May, 2018 https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/rowville-rail-fits-the-bigger-transport-picture-20180522-p4zgrn.html Melbourne used to plan for the future. We built train lines to the country side and invited people to build around that train line. Now we wait for people to build houses and spend decades trying to find a transport solution […]

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Melbourne’s Public Transport Woes

The City Loop was opened in 1981. Since that time, there has been only one train line extension, from Epping to South Morang. Over this time period, we have shutdown train lines to Clyde and Mornington, where population growth has seen a need emerge for them to be recommissioned. The […]

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Vicroads; traffic lights on freeways

I am not a fan of Vicroads. In fact, I am often very critical of them. The main reason for this criticism is not what they do, but the way they interact with residents and the community. Rather than acknowledge that there is an issue that needs to be looked […]

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