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A massive change is coming to Monash!

A massive change is coming to Monash – and we want to hear from you.

From August this year, food and garden waste (green) bins will be collected weekly and landfill (red) bins will be collected fortnightly.

Over the past few years, we’ve all seen and read the stories of mountains of landfill piling up. This is unsustainable and we must take immediate steps to reduce the amount of waste we are generating. Estimations are that more than 50% of our landfill is food and organic waste.

By simply putting your food scraps into the food and garden waste bin, you can help us to eliminate more than half of all the landfill we generate and reduce our impact on the environment – it is that simple!

Over the next few weeks, every single household will receive a personal letter from me explaining the change in more detail, along with a FAQ.

There is a company that has developed a way to recycle soiled nappies. As part of this years upcoming budget, we will consider trialing this service which includes pickups twice a week from the doorstep.

We know is a big change, but we are not the first Council to make this change, and we won’t be the last. Click on the link below to provide your feedback.


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