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Waverley Gymnastics – Federal funding uncertainty

Tonight I spoke out at our Council meeting regarding the Waverley Gymnasics project. I am very disappointed that Julia Banks has refused to reaffirm her commitment to the $2.1 million promise that was made during the Federal election campaign. With the State Government announcing $3 million dollars towards the project two weeks ago, Waverley Gymnastics were left with the impression that this amazing project had been fully funded. We have since learned, however, that the Federal Government is moving the goalposts and now threatening to withdraw their funding based on the fact the project has changed slightly.

I find this extremely disappointing. To the best of my recollection, this was the only election committment that was made to the people of Chisholm during the campaign and had it not been for Chisholm being picked up by the Coalition (the only seat in the whole of Australia), we would have had a hung Parliament. In effect, the people of Chisholm delivered the Coalition Government. This committment represents approximately 0.0004% of the the Federal Budget Expenses. The location of Waverley Gymnastics should not impact this significant project, especially when both are located within the seat of Chisholm.

I urge the Federal Government, through Julia Banks, to give the good people of Waverley Gymnastics, who have fought long and hard for this upgrade, some certainly and confidence as we move in to the Christmas period. I understand that Ms Banks cannot commit to the funding as that is a decision for others within Government, but what she can do is pledge her support to the project and advocate on behalf of Waverley Gymnastics Centre​. I urge her to do so and honour her election commitment